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Europe Readr – bringing the world together through books

The Europe Readr digital platform, the Slovenian Presidency's flagship cultural and promotional project, is enjoying a lot of attention over summer months. This virtual library offers free access to a selection of books, which can be read anywhere – while traveling, on the beach, you name it. It brings current social issues to readers, encouraging them to reflect on the world we want to live in.

Reading is fun. | Author Manca Juvan

With numerous accompanying projects – from Helsinki to Athens, from Washington to Tokyo – public spaces devoted to reading and exchanging ideas are popping up around the world.

The central theme of the 27 books, freely accessible on the website from 1 July to 31 December 2021, is the “Future of Living”. Each member state is represented by one literary work in the original and English languages. The selection includes novels, short stories, poetry, essays and comics so as to offer a broad spectrum of views on topical themes and to appeal to different readers, including those who rarely read books. Silent books and books of few words that transcend language barriers, as well as learning materials providing advice about reading, are aimed at engaging younger readers and their parents, educators and teachers.

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