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The European Commission publishes the second report on the rule of law across the European Union

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The European Commission today published its second annual Rule of Law Report within the European Rule of Law Mechanism set up in 2020. The report aims to elevate the understanding of the founding values and promote the rule of law culture, thereby strengthening this principle in the European Union as a whole.

Slovenia welcomes the publication of the second report on the rule of law across the European Union, which provides an overview of the pillars of judicial independence, the anti-corruption framework, media pluralism and freedom, and other checks and balances in individual member states following the same approach. Slovenia has been a strong proponent of the European Rule of Law Mechanism, the drafting of the European Commission’s annual reports, and the resulting possibility to conduct an annual rule of law dialogue ever since the initiative was introduced. We believe that consolidating and developing the instrument helps enhance the rule of law in the Union, which is essential for its functioning as a whole, its rule of law, public trust in institutions, and mutual trust between member states.

Slovenia will thoroughly review the entire report that, in contrast to the one published last year, takes into account the implementation of findings as well as the developments and progress in individual areas, including the aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Monitoring of the rule of law should reflect the actual situation based on tracking the criteria of objectivity, transparency, impartiality, and equal treatment of all member states, using credible, trustworthy and comparable sources while understanding the relevant circumstances, similarities and differences with regard to member states and EU institutions.

As the presiding country of the EU Council, Slovenia will actively contribute to scrutinising the report in a constructive way. The discussion will take place during the General Affairs Council’s annual rule of law dialogue, which includes an extensive exchange of views on the situation of the rule of law in the EU and a specific discussion on the rule of law in five member states. Slovenia will conduct the annual dialogue towards connecting the states in a community sharing European values while promoting a common culture of the rule of law and a better understanding of the various systems of the member states. Slovenia will also endeavour to pursue constructive discussions and search for synergies between the mechanisms for strengthening the rule of law in the Union.