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The prioritetes of the Slovenian presidency presented to Brussels correspondents

In line with the tradition of the presiding countries, Slovenia has hosted correspondents from Brussels accredited at the EU institutions at the beginning of its presidency. The correspondents spoke to the highest representatives of the Government about the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency, and had an opportunity to experience Slovenia as a boutique, sustainable and safe tourist destination.

From Wednesday, June 30, until today, 48 foreign journalists were on a visit to Slovenia, becoming acquainted with the programme and priorities of the presidency. They met with the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Foreign and Internal Affairs, Public Administration, Health, Finance and the Economy, as well as with the state secretaries of infrastructure and the environment.

In an almost two-hour open conversation with journalists, Prime Minister Janez Janša answered all their questions, including those concerning the current issues of media freedom and the rule of law. Journalists gained insight into areas such as the Presidency's plans regarding the Conference on the Future of Europe, ensuring the security of the EU and the integration of the Western Balkans region in various areas of European policies.

Their discussions with the ministers focused on the priorities in the field of strengthening the Union's resilience to crises, especially in healthcare and cyber security. Emphasis was also placed on the recovery of the European economy, especially towards digitalisation and artificial intelligence. They became informed about the International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO in Slovenia and visited a high-tech company that is the world leader in the use of artificial intelligence in cancer detection and treatment, and digitalisation in healthcare. 

One important priority is the fair green transition, the reduction of greenhouse gases by 55% by 2030 and the reform of energy and climate legislation.  Journalists were presented with concrete examples of good practice, i.e. a series of hydropower plants on the Sava River, which is the major renewable energy project in Slovenia, and the largest solar power plant to be built on the recultivated and closed part of the landfill for waste from the former thermal power plant and nearby mines.

The journalists also attended the press conference held on the occasion of the European Commission’s visit to Slovenia and the ceremonial cultural event, the Water Man ballet on Bled Island. 

In the informal tourist part of the visit, the journalists got to know Slovenia as a boutique, sustainable and safe tourist destination.  They visited Ljubljana and Bled and tasted Slovenian culinary delights as part of the presentation of Slovenia as the European Gastronomic Region 2021.

Today, the journalists are concluding their study visit with a trip to Vipava, the recipient of the golden “Slovenia Green” logo.  With the Minister of Economy, they discussed the economic recovery with an emphasis on the recovery of the European tourism sector.  The Slovenian Tourist Board presented the scheme of green sustainable tourism.  The journalists also got to know Slovenia through a rich programme, which included high-quality cuisine and a visit to a boutique wine cellar, where journalists could ride bikes to the vineyards, taste premium wines and plant their own vines.