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EU funding for revitalization of Old glass workshop and Vrazov trg square with adjacent streets in Ptuj

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding for the project Revitalization of the Old glass workshop and Vrazov trg square with adjacent streets (Ptuj). The EUR 4.9 million redevelopment project will be implemented by Urban Municipality Ptuj under the Vision and Strategy of Urban Municipality Ptuj 2015-2025 and supported by the EU, with the contribution from the European Regional Development Fund amounting to nearly EUR 2.2. million.

Urban Municipality Ptuj is planning to rehabilitate and revitalize the degraded urban area through two separate, yet inextricably linked construction projects. Thus, partial reconstruction and extension of the culture and arts centre called Old glass workshop will be carried out as part of this redevelopment project to provide the city with a modern, fully equipped space that will be used as a gathering place especially for young people and a place allowing its users to unleash their creativity and artistic expression. The Vrazov trg square and the adjacent Jadranska ulica street and Tomaž Šalamun street will see major redevelopment, including the replacement of utility infrastructure with installation of a water pipeline with connections to the water meter and a sewerage system with connections to the buildings. In addition, paving will be repaired, with street furniture and street lighting installed. The revitalized square will be used as an event venue, with part of the public space being child-friendly and boasting a designated children’s play area. Local residents and visitors of the restaurant located at the square will get 15 parking spaces.

As part of the project, nearly 2,500 square meters of outdoor space will be revitalized and 1,348 square meters of interior space in buildings which are now underused due to a generally bad condition will undergo renovation.

The project will kick off in July and is scheduled to be completed by March 2023.