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The end of the epidemic in Slovenia

Minister Janez Poklukar | Author UKOM

Last Thursday was the first time since 9 September 2020 that the number of positive cases fell under 100 and no COVID-related deaths were recorded for the first time since 10 October 2020, stressed Minister of Health Janez Poklukar at the press conference.

Since the epidemiological situation in the country has been improving for several weeks in a row, the Slovenian Government declared the end of the epidemic as of 15 June. "It has been a difficult 8 months. The epidemic has put us through many difficulties. We have managed to pull through thanks to our cooperation and solidarity, but we are not across the finish line yet," said Mr Vindišar. In his conclusion, he called on citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

However, as director of National Institute of Public Health Milan Krek has emphasized that due to new strains, it is essential that we continue to comply with all the established measures.