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The epidemic in Slovenia is coming to an end

Slovenia will not prolong the epidemic next week, as the epidemiological picture is favorable enough, and vaccination is continuing intensively, the Minister of Health announced today.

Minister of health Janez Poklukar | Author Ukom

However, most of preventive measures will stay in force, including the PTC condition, also wearing masks, disinfecting hands and maintaining physical distance, but life will slowly return to normal. Head of the advisory group at the Ministry of Health, Mateja Logar also stated erlier this week that if everyone follows the measures, we will be able to enjoy a relatively normal summer. 

At yesterday’s regular session, the Government adopted amendments to the Decree on determining the conditions for entry to the Republic of Slovenia due to the containment and control of the infectious disease COVID-19. The government also decided dedicate part of the Pfizer vaccine order to the Czech Republic, namely 10,530 doses, in order to control the COVID-19 pandemic.