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Prime Minister Janez Janša: The European social model is an essential component of the European way of life

An informal meeting of the members of the European Council is taking place today in Porto, where EU leaders, including Prime Minister Janez Janša, will continue the debate launched at the Social Summit, in particular on how to give political impetus to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

In a press release on arrival at today’s meeting, Prime Minister Janez Janša stressed that the European social model is an essential component of the European way of life, but we are facing major challenges. "If we want to promote the European way of life and prosperity and the existing social model, two things are crucial: the first comprises major changes in our education system and a systemic introduction of lifelong learning. Technological progress, the digital transition, the green transition and many other technological challenges that we face require lifelong learning, and the country which will most rapidly introduce this as a system will be the first on a successful path to promoting the European way of life," said the Prime Minister.

"The second important thing or condition for this is to continue the ongoing dialogue between the representatives of employers and employees, but without mixing their roles and without one party wanting to take on the role of the other," said the Prime Minister. He added that we know from history that such mixing of roles has never worked out. "A social dialogue where roles are not mixed is crucial for Europe in order to maintain the necessary social peace in the face of all these challenges and to actually demonstrate in a decade or so that the European social model can serve as an example for other continents as well," concluded Prime Minister Janez Janša.