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State Secretary Stanislav Raščan holds a video conference with his Slovak counterpart Ingrid Brocková

State Secretary Stanislav Raščan held a video conference with Slovak State Secretary Ingrid Brocková, in which he presented the priority topics of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency concerning development cooperation. They also briefly discussed regional partnership and relations with key economic powers.

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State Secretary Stanislav Raščan | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

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The fast approaching Slovenian EU Council Presidency was at the forefront of the state secretaries’ discussion. State Secretary Raščan presented the priorities of the Presidency in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The programme to be pursued by these working groups will be based on two main subject areas: green recovery and human development, which are connected by one of the most important Slovenian priorities, i.e. an integrated approach to water.

As European Union Member States and NATO partners, Slovenia and Slovakia share similar views on transatlantic relations, assessing the ties with the US as strong with excellent potential for stepping up cooperation. They also discussed other world powers and relations with them, such as the Russian Federation and China.

Slovenia and Slovakia cooperate closely in international organisations, pursue similar interests, and are active members of the international community. The bilateral cooperation between the countries is excellent and their economic cooperation is advancing equally as positively.