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Piran on the website of American CNN, an article in freundin inspired readers

This week, the well-known American television network CNN published on its website an article entitled The Mini Venices around Europe, describing two Slovenian cities, Piran and Koper, as being among the most atmospheric towns that were once part of the Venetian Republic.
This is Venice, if Venice were a village

This is Venice, if Venice were a village | Author STO

"This is Venice, if Venice were a village," CNN reporters wrote about Piran, adding that it was the first town in the former Yugoslavia to elect a black mayor.

"This little oasis of calm," as Piran is described, is, in their words, a great destination for a roadtrip along the coast of the former towns of the Venetian Republic; Izola was pointed out as similarly idyllic. Among the sights in Koper, Da Ponte fountain was singled out, which according to the article is a mini reproduction of the Venetian Rialto bridge. The selection of the most beautiful towns that were once part of the Venetian Republic also includes Grado, Corfu Tow, Svetvincenat, Chioggia, Rovinj, Muggia, Korčula and Nicosia.

Last week, the renowned German magazine freundin, with a reach of 1.62 million readers, published a multi-page article about Slovenia entitled Mountains to Sea. The magazine's editor-in-chief Mateja Mögele visited Slovenia last year, where her roots lie, and described with great enthusiasm some of the more famous Slovenian sites and towns, also pointing out some lesser-known places in eastern Slovenia. The article is a great guide for readers who are deciding which destination to choose when travelling is possible once again.