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Foreign Ministry responds to inappropriate public reactions to Ambassador Lea Stančič’s choice of clothing upon presenting her credentials

In response to some inappropriate reactions related to the presentation of credentials by the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Romania, Lea Stančič, in Moldova, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to make it known that the highest diplomatic representatives of the State may, in accordance with international diplomatic practice and generally accepted and established principles and customs of diplomacy, wear national costume or traditional clothing on special occasions, such as the ceremony of presenting credentials to the President of the receiving State or sovereign of the country. In some countries, this practice is even recommended.

An ambassador who wears national dress or traditional clothing appropriate to the occasion should not be subjected to offensive remarks and public ridicule. This shows complete ignorance of diplomatic practice. 

Ambassador Stančič’s decision to wear a Slovenian national costume when presenting her credentials to the President of the Republic of Moldova is commendable and testimony to the awareness of our history and customs.