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Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Wang Shunqing

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned His Excellency Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Wang Shunqing for talks.

During the discussion, which was brought about by China’s recent imposition of sanctions against EU citizens, including members of the European and national parliaments, researchers, and diplomats (Political and Security Committee – PSC), the Slovenian side declared China’s measures inadmissible.

The talks highlighted the violation of human rights in the Xinjiang region, which is giving serious cause for concern, and the amendments to Chinese legislation regarding Hong Kong’s autonomy. The European Union will persevere in defending its values and do its utmost to protect its citizens from China’s unjustified actions.

The EU will remain a staunch defender of human rights, which entails responding to serious violations and abuses. The need for continued dialogue aimed at converging the positions of both sides was also expressed at the meeting.