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World Bee Day – planting Tetradium daniellii at the Kalmthout Arboretum

Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Dr Rado Genorio, together with Jan De Haes, Chairman of the Arboretum Committee, and Abraham Rammeloo, Director of the Arboretum, today 19th of March 2021 ceremoniously planted Tetradium daniellii, bee tree.
Dr Genorio planting the bee tree.

Dr Genorio planting the bee tree. | Author VBR

The event marks the upcoming World Bee Day and 30 years of Slovenia's independence. The event was also attended by the daughter of the founder of the arboretum and Slovenian botanist Baroness Jelena de Belder-Kovačič, Diana.

The Kalmthout Arboretum is a precious tie between Slovenia and Belgium, founded by Jelena de Belder. Her mark on the botanic is great and so a part of Slovenia lives through her in this beautiful arboretum.

Its importance for both countries is seen from the numerous collaborations of the arboretum with Slovenian ones (e.g. Arboretum Volčji potok), Ljubljana Botanical Garden and Tivoli Park and activities already carried out by the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels (e.g. linden tree planting on the 20th anniversary of independence and plant of the famous Maribor vine).