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Minister Logar with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Asselborn on building a resilient Union

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar is visiting the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg today, where he was welcomed by his host, Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Minister for Immigration and Asylum, and Fernand Etgen, President of the Chamber of Deputies. The Minister also visited the European Investment Bank, where he met with its president, Werner Hoyer.

Ministers Logar and Asselborn expressed their satisfaction with the way the excellent and close relations between Slovenia and Luxembourg are developing at both the European and multilateral levels. They advocated for the continuation of close political dialogue between the two countries, which is of even greater importance in the context of Slovenia's upcoming EU Council Presidency in the second half of this year. The foreign ministers underlined the important role of economic cooperation and Luxembourg's direct investments in Slovenia. As these amounted to EUR 2 billion in 2019, Luxembourg was yet again ranked second in the biggest foreign investors in Slovenia.

The counterparts exchanged information on COVID-19 containment measures in both countries and emphasised the vital role that solidarity and common European solutions play in tackling the health crisis and its consequences.

Minister Logar outlined the priority tasks of Slovenia's EU Council Presidency, highlighting that Slovenia will devote particular attention to the comprehensive strengthening of the Union's capacity to respond to health and other crises.

The ministers stressed the importance of continuing the reform process in the Western Balkans while providing credible EU enlargement. They were in full agreement that the European perspective offers the strongest incentive to implementation of reforms and thus the overall progress of the Western Balkans. They also drew attention to the respect for European values and the rule of law underpinning the EU's functioning. Particular focus was given to the issue of migratory flows and to seeking agreement on the proposal for a new Pact on Migration and Asylum. The opposite numbers voiced support for the consolidation of the Union's strategic autonomy and cooperation in the world arena, focusing on the future EU relations with the UK, USA, and China. 

Minister Logar also met with the President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) to discuss the EU's post-pandemic economic recovery and projects financed by EIB in Slovenia.

He then exchanged views with President of the Chamber of Deputies Fernand Etgen and the deputies on the topics related to Slovenia's upcoming EU Council Presidency. The Minister extended an invitation to the members of Parliament for a visit to Slovenia during its Presidency.

Following the visits to the Netherlands and Belgium, today's visit to Luxembourg concluded the Minister's tour of the Benelux capitals, aimed at enhancing cooperation with the founding Member States of the European Union.