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Advice on travel to neighbouring countries

Every day, consular representations of the Republic of Slovenia receive numerous enquiries from Slovenian citizens concerning crossing the state border during the holidays and the winter school break. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises again that tourist travel is not a legally permitted reason for entering most of Slovenia's neighbouring countries.

Upon entering Italy, visitors are required to prove their intentions for entering the country with a self-declaration. Any potential offender risks a considerably high fine. For entering Austria, travellers shall register in advance via an online application, while tourist travel is not listed among the authorised reasons for travelling. In such case, entry is denied by the Austrian authorities. The same applies to entering Hungary. Upon entering all neighbouring countries, a negative PCR test must be submitted (in Austria, a rapid antigen test is also acceptable). Otherwise, travellers are ordered to quarantine until they provide a negative test result once they get tested in the country.

In all these countries, most hotels are closed, and border restrictions and controls between federal states and regions are common. Information on COVID-19 in Slovenia's neighbouring and other countries is available on the Ministry's website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia advises that in the event of an incident abroad, it will not be able to offer consular assistance or otherwise help those who would or will nevertheless decide to travel.