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Carnival in adapted form this year

The festive Carnival season traditionally begins with “Fat Thursday”, the day on which, according to Slovenian cultural tradition, the table should be laid with an array of fatty and filling Carnival dishes.

In some parts of the country, this day will also see the start of Carnival celebrations lasting several days, although because of the COVID-19 epidemic these will take place in virtual or otherwise adapted form.

This year’s somewhat different 61st edition of the Kurentovanje or Kurent Carnival, which owing to epidemiological conditions will take place in virtual form, began in Ptuj on 2 February with images from past Carnival events, including the traditional midnight Kurent’s Jump, being shown online and on local television stations. The slogan of this year’s Kurentovanje is “Respecting Tradition, Rekindling Memories”.

Instead of the traditional programme, which every year draws thousands of visitors to Slovenia’s oldest city, Carnival celebrations will continue in an adapted, online form until Shrove Tuesday (16 February), the date on which Carnival is customarily buried. The official beginning of Carnival has always been at Candlemas, in other words at midnight on 2 February, when events kick off with the traditional Kurent’s Jump.

This year the focus of events will be rekindling memories of past Kurentovanje celebrations, uncovering fascinating historical facts and retelling some of the stories that have been written over the course of the past six decades.