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Elan showcased the first fully functional folding all-mountain carving skis in the world

At an online event on 1 February, the Elan company of Begunje showcased its new innovative product: Elan Voyager, the first fully functional folding all-mountain carving skis in the world. Elan is certain that this is a global innovation. These new skis, which facilitate user access to the slopes, will also change the future of skiing.
Elan unveils first foldable carving skis in the world

Elan unveils first foldable carving skis in the world | Author STA

"Elan Voyager is not only a new ski but represents a completely different approach to a day of skiing. It’s an exceptional innovation from various aspects," said Leon Korošec, Director of Elan’s Winter-Sport Division. He went on to say that this product changes the way users view their ski equipment. Voyager facilitates access to the snowy slopes as these skis can be simply and efficiently folded into a compact bag.

Korošec believes that skiers will be especially drawn to the option of storing their skis in their car so they can just jump on them after work if the weather permits. "Voyager simplifies the ski experience," highlighted Korošec. For urban ski enthusiasts who try to balance their work schedule with travelling, family and sports, a quick ski trip means a fantastic experience in the snow, the Elan experts assert, and they have further ensured that, in addition to saving space, Elan Voyager will successfully withstand all challenges in the way that the most demanding skiers expect from the finest ski equipment. This is an exceptional recreational carving ski. "It’s a remarkable technological advancement in the ski industry as the Elan team have succeeded in halving the ski and putting it back together into a fully functional whole," stressed Korošec.

The basis of the technology is the military folding ski which has been in the market for several years now and has endured the toughest trials. "This gave us the green light to continue the development of a recreational model," Korošec explained. Its development took around four years and significant funding. "We believe that this product has a bright future as it results in a better user experience. It makes a day of skiing more pleasurable because it facilitates convenient ski transport," he highlighted.

There have been several attempts around the world to produce folding skis, but a completely functional product for general use has not been found until now. Elan Voyager skis are thus a global innovation and Korošec is sure that they will receive a lot of attention in the ski equipment market. Elan has been a leading innovator in the ski industry for 75 years and the technology combined in the Voyager project is a further boost to their reputation.