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At an Expo, it is the power of a country's ideas that counts, not its size

The Expo venue, which covers 440 hectares, is getting its final look, as are 83 national pavilions, including the Slovenian one.

Slovenia will show know-how, innovation and energy at the Expo

Slovenia will show know-how, innovation and energy at the Expo | Author Nebojša Tejić, STA

The Slovenian pavilion is situated in an attractive location near one of the entrances to the exhibition venue and attracts attention at first glance, standing out with its green facade, one of the building’s most recognizable features.

The Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Počivalšek, described Slovenia's appearance at the Expo as a strategic decision that will open the door for the Slovenian economy and science to new markets in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. "This year's Expo will set a record in all respects, and the organisers are very well prepared for it, of which I was convinced at the meeting with the director of this project. For participating countries, the Expo will be an entry point to markets where over 3 billion people live. These markets are of great importance to us, as they offer a number of untapped opportunities for Slovenian knowledge, products, and solutions." Minister Počivalšek, who is on a working visit to the United Arab Emirates, described the construction of the Slovenian pavilion as an important milestone in the preparations for the Expo. "From now on, all our activities will be focused on the content of Slovenia's performance at the Expo, and I am convinced that, in the six months period of the Expo, we will present well the relevant and internationally successful business, tourism, scientific and other stories that put us among the countries offering solutions for important global challenges.  At an expo, it is the power of a country's ideas that counts, not its size."

The Slovenian pavilion, which was designed in the architectural studio Magnet Design and is the work of architects Robert Klun and Sandi Pirš, represents a green oasis floating on the water’s surface, with which the authors wanted to highlight Slovenian wisdom, innovation and energy.

By standing out and being recognisable, the pavilion in three floors will enable Slovenia to present its potential and promote its best business stories, providing a top-notch environment for creating business paths to new markets. The pavilion will provide a top-level experience for visitors, who will be able to get to know Slovenia in an impressive 360-degree projection; at the same time, it will also serve as a business centre and venue for professional business events, enriched with Slovenian cuisine.