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Slovenia recognised as a well-known and popular tourist destination in the global media

The global luxury and lifestyle travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller ranked Slovenia among the world’s top ten sustainable destinations to visit in 2021.

Slovenia has recently attracted the attention of many esteemed global travel and other media

Slovenia has recently attracted the attention of many esteemed global travel and other media | Author STO

This prestigious magazine Conde Nast Traveller and its sustainability editor, Juliet Kinsman, selected Slovenia among the ten recommended destinations or, as she put in her article, “positive-impact escape ideas”. In this article, Slovenia is presented with a photo of Bled Island and described as a Central European country with incredible natural bounty, picturesque landscapes and numerous attractions, the STO reports.

The editor was especially impressed with Ljubljana, presenting it as a welcoming and walkable city and a popular destination for eco-minded city breaks. The article highlights the high proportion of the Slovenian landscape that is formally protected, and notes that it’s very dynamic and diverse, ranging from Alpine peaks, ancient forests, Karst plateaus, the Pannonian Plain’s vineyards and thermal waters, to the Adriatic coast.

If planning a visit to Slovenia, readers are recommended to consult the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – a national programme and certification scheme through which the STO has been promoting the introduction of sustainable business models in tourism for the past six years.

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly well-known and high-profile tourist destination. Last week, two influential media platforms ranked it among the countries to visit in 2021. Specifically, the UK’s Financial Times and Guardian selected Slovenia among the top places to go in 2021.

One of the most high-impact newspapers in the world, The Financial Times ranked Slovenia among the best “slow travel” destinations, which are bound to experience a revival in 2021. The newspaper mentions Logar Valley and its Plesnik Hotel in this respect, adding that Slovenia’s cuisine will also be in the spotlight this year, considering that the country has been awarded the prestigious title of the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy.

The noted British newspaper The Guardian also listed Slovenia among the places to visit in 2021. In his article, the journalist Noah Charney, who lives and works in Kamnik, and has also written a book on Slovenia titled Sloveniologija (Slovenology), highlighted Ljubljana and its street food market called Odprta Kuhna (Open Kitchen), Plečnik’s architecture, and the town of Kamnik set amid pristine nature.

These kinds of articles in the world’s leading media strengthen Slovenia’s profile as a distinctive and popular sustainable and socially responsible destination for unique experiences.