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Lonely Planet ranks Ljubljana among the eight most sustainable cities in the world

Lonely Planet, the biggest publisher of travel guides globally, named Ljubljana one of the eight most sustainable cities in the world. In the Slovenian capital, its greenness and fresh air are considered the driving force behind the recovery of city tourism after the pandemic.

Ljubljana one of most sustainable cities, according to Lonely Planet

Ljubljana one of most sustainable cities, according to Lonely Planet | Author STO

Lonely Planet described Ljubljana as “extremely clean and increasingly green”. It also noted that over 10 hectares of Ljubljana’s city centre are pedestrianised, its streets are washed with rain and recycled water, cutting-edge waste management systems have been introduced there, and that it is committed to a zero-waste goal.

Ljubljana Tourism welcomed the recognition awarded to Ljubljana, saying that “In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, articles about Ljubljana in distinguished foreign media offer hope of a recovery of the tourism sector, especially if they highlight the aspects most important for tourists in the aftermath of the pandemic, namely the environment, cleanness and safety.”

Ljubljana Tourism went on to say that, in the past three months, the achievements of Ljubljana in the field of sustainability had been presented in the Monocle and Condé Nast Traveller magazines, on the websites of the European BEST Destinations and Global TOP 100 Sustainable Destinations, as well as in an Amazon advertisement.

In addition to Ljubljana, the Lonely Planet’s list of the most sustainable cities includes Copenhagen, Portland, Singapore, Lisbon, Bengaluru, Vancouver and San Francisco.