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Mass testing and the first vaccination doses in Slovenia

Mass testing with rapid antigen tests has started in 13 locations in Slovenia this week. Mass testing began in all municipalities (Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Murska Sobota, Slovenj Gradec, Koper, Kranj, Velenje and Ptuj) and in Lenart and Sevnica, the two hardest hit areas.

Voluntary trial mass testing has started on Tuesday in Slovenia

Voluntary trial mass testing has started on Tuesday in Slovenia | Author Hina/STA

The tests are free of charge for citizens. No appointment is necessary, however the system may be changed in the event of significant interest. Test results are known after approximately 15 minutes and are sent to the national register of patients, and the patient may then receive the results and instructions on how to proceed via the National Institute for Public Health.

Vaccinations against COVID-19 will also start soon. Slovenia and other EU member states will presumably receive the first Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines against COVID-19 on 26 December. The first shipment will contain a little less than 10,000 vaccines, which is also the number of people who will be vaccinated. Those vaccinated will receive their second dose in the next shipment. The Ministry of Health will comply with the instructions of the manufacturer and experts during the vaccinations. The residents and employees of nursing homes are the first to be vaccinated, as well as the most exposed health workers.