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30 years ago, Slovenians decided on an independent country at the plebiscite

30 years have passed since the plebiscite, on the basis of which Slovenians decided to separate from Yugoslavia and form the independent country of Slovenia. A large majority of voters chose independence.

Slovenia marks anniversary of independence referendum

Slovenia marks anniversary of independence referendum | Author Nik Jevšnik, STA

In the late 1980s, Slovenia, which was part of Yugoslavia at that time, saw a rise in appetite for independence, which led to the multi-party elections in April 1990. Demos won, which, partly in agreement with the opposition, carried out the key steps on the path to independence.

The citizens made their voice heard about independence at the plebiscite, which was organised on this day, 30 years ago, and the results were solemnly declared three days later at the assembly. 93.2 percent of eligible voters cast their vote at the plebiscite, while 95 percent, or 88.5 percent of all eligible voters, voted for independence. 26 December, the day when the results of the plebiscite were declared, is a national holiday, the day of independence and unity.

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the plebiscite has been severely crippled by the epidemic. The state celebrations will be organised as a TV show this year, where the keynote speaker will be Prime Minister Janša, while the NA will meet at a formal session.