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The latest issue of Sinfo has been released

The last issue of Sinfo magazine this year is dedicated to December, the month of Christmas and New Year lights that symbolise positive energy, hope, the beginning of something new, something better, something good.

Slovenian Christmas Tree in the Vatican

Slovenian Christmas Tree in the Vatican | Author UKOM

Once again, December is embraced by the mystical light, yet this time, Christmas will have a deeper significance, as this year, Slovenia and Slovenes have the privilege to participate in the Christmas decoration of St. Peter's Square and some other locations in the Vatican. In addition to the large mighty Slovenian spruce tree, the festive Christmas atmosphere is evoked by many smaller spruce and fir trees in Vatican offices, brought over from Slovenian forests, which are decorated with one-of-a-kind unique ornaments made of straw and wood chips.

Within the 2020 Vatican Christmas Decoration project of the Republic of Slovenia, workshops were organised throughout Slovenia, where mentors acquired new knowledge of the creation of decorative ornaments. There is much symbolism in the event; the Slovenian Christmas tree will light up the central Vatican square as we head into 2021, the year which marks the thirtieth anniversary of Slovenia’s independence. The Holy See was one of the first to officially recognise the young Slovenian state.

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