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EU funding for new premises of the Centre for Treatment of Children’s Diseases in Šentvid pri Stični

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has issued a financial support decision for the project “Construction of a new building of the Centre for Treatment of Children’s Diseases”. The project worth over EUR 5.8 million will be managed by the Ministry of Health and will receive a little over EUR 4.4 million of European Regional Development Fund support.

The Centre for Treatment of Children’s Diseases in Šentvid pri Stična is a specialised hospital focusing on the rehabilitation of children under 19 years of age suffering from chronical illnesses. As part of the project, a new building with a total net area of 2,899.40 m2 will be constructed providing users and employees with improved living and working conditions.

The investment will establish better care for children (more successful treatment and achieving greater long-term effects of treatment), shorten the time of treatment of children (reducing hospital-acquired infections), improve health services (more suitable accommodation for children and those accompanying them), additional activities under already-existing programmes (healthy lifestyle school, therapeutic treatment of children with developmental disabilities, etc.) and improve the working conditions for employees. The investment also seeks to enhance social inclusion of young people with special needs in the local environment and to develop deinstitutionalised forms of care.