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Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

Every third Friday in November, which this year falls on 20 November, Slovenia celebrates Slovenian Food Day.

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the slogan, "Breakfast with honey - a great day!".

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the slogan, "Breakfast with honey - a great day!". | Author MKGP

For the 10th year in a row, on this day we especially remember our youngest children, educators and parents, for whom the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast is primarily intended. For this year's jubilee Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, which came about on the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, the slogan Breakfast with Honey – a great day! was chosen. This year's Slovenian breakfast will be marked by educational topics dedicated to Slovenian food.

Due to the epidemic, this year's traditional Slovenian breakfast in schools and kindergartens will not be implemented as usual. Therefore, more attention will be paid to encouraging the public to celebrate the day of Slovenian food and to raise awareness of its importance, which includes preparing a breakfast at home or with colleagues at work or anywhere else using local food.

Apart from bread, butter, honey, milk and an apple, which make up this traditional breakfast, the breakfast can also consist of various porridges, eggs, jams and other foods. When devising menus, diversity is especially important, as well as ensuring that as many foods as possible are produced and processed in Slovenia. Certainly, it will make this celebration even better if local foods are included in other daily meals as well.