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Prime Minister Janez Janša discussing compromise solutions for the recovery package with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“Friday is nearly over, after spending the whole day coordinating COVID-19 measures and holding long conversations in between with Angela Merkel, currently presiding over the EU Council, and other EU heads of state in order to find compromise solutions for adopting the seven-year EU budget and the recovery fund. The situation calls for reason,” Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote on Twitter.

Prime Minister Janez Janša package with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Prime Minister Janez Janša package with German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Author Kabinet predsednika vlade

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister sent a letter to other EU leaders regarding the developments surrounding the EUR 1,824 billion EU corona recovery package, and at the EU Council’s video conference held on Thursday he called for seeking a compromise based on the agreement that the leaders reached in July. As he pointed out at the video conference, a crucial agreement was reached in July through joint efforts, and now a final compromise needs to be reached based on this. Regarding the rule of law conditionality, the Prime Minister stressed that the final judgment must always lie in the hands of the EU Court of Justice, as otherwise this would be a political decision contrary to the principles of the rule of law. He also said that Slovenia was ready to offer assistance in finding a compromise, including by offering concrete ideas. After the Thursday video conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported the efforts by the Slovenian Prime Minister, who had called on everyone to help reach a final compromise, by saying that this was also what the German presidency was striving for.