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EUR 200 million of European funds have been earmarked for Slovenia to combat unemployment

Slovenia has at its disposal EUR 200 million of EU aid by means of which we wish to help with the payment of salaries so that expertise remains in companies, stated Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission. EUR 1 billion will be earmarked in total for Slovenia in the form of favourable loans.

EUR 200m available to Slovenia from Tuesday

EUR 200m available to Slovenia from Tuesday | Author Thierry Monasse, STA

As of today, the European Commission will enable Slovenia and six other countries to access approved assistance within the SURE Instrument, which was established at the level of the European Union to combat unemployment arising as a consequence of the pandemic. The President of the European Commission stated that she had good news for Slovenia in that access to EUR 200 million within the SURE Instrument, intended to preserve jobs, is available. The European Commission wishes to prevent redundancies and ensure that expertise remains in companies, to be used again once the economy recovers. Slovenia is entitled to more than EUR 1 billion of assistance that will be obtained in several steps. So far, 18 Member States have applied for the SURE financial assistance and EUR 90 billion has already been pledged from the total of EUR 100 billion available. President von der Leyen emphasised that countries would receive loans on very favourable terms, but an agreement between employers and trade unions will be necessary when the money is forwarded to companies.

Zdravko Počivalšek, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, responded to the news by stating that these funds have been eagerly awaited. According to Minister Počivalšek, Janez Cigler Kralj, the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, has drafted a programme to financially cover the existing measures and finance new measures yet to be implemented in order to preserve jobs. The seventh anti-corona legislative package will, among other aspects, also address the problems of entrepreneurs in various sectors which have so far not been addressed.