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State Secretary Kajzer at Polish Foreign Ministry's ministerial conference

State Secretary Tone Kajzer attended a virtual ministerial conference to promote the freedom of religion or belief, which was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland as a follow-up to the meetings of senior representatives of countries, international organisations, civil society, and religious leaders. The event was intended to discuss the state of religious freedom around the globe.

 during a ministerial meeting in front of a computer

State Secretary Tone Kajzer | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

The plenary session brought together 58 senior representatives of countries, international organisations and other relevant stakeholders. State Secretary Kajzer addressed the participants with a national statement, underlining that Slovenia remains committed to promoting and protecting the freedom of religion or belief, which is a universal and fundamental right of every individual, regardless of the type of religion. Where this freedom is threatened or denied, part of society inevitably suffers because of its weaker position. He went on to express his deep concern about the recent abuse of religion that fuels provocation, confrontation, and extremism. It is a threat to peace, security, development, and human rights

The meeting was focused on religious minorities and on addressing the challenges in ensuring the effective provision of assistance and the necessary protection, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the meeting, eight declarations were adopted, of which Slovenia joined two:

  • Declaration on freedom of religion or belief as a pillar of democracy and
  • Declaration on the maintenance of freedom of religion or belief during the COVID-19 pandemic