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Science Month to make science more accessible to the public

Recognising the importance of scientific achievements reaching the public, four years ago the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport decided to hold a series of events in autumn under the umbrella title Science Month.

Minister of Education, Science and Sport Simona Kustec at The Jožef Stefan Institute

Minister of Education, Science and Sport Simona Kustec at The Jožef Stefan Institute | Author MIZŠ

These events usually start in October and take place until the end of the year. The central event is the outstanding scientific achievements award ceremony, at which the Zois Awards and Recognitions, the Puh Award and Recognition, and the Slovenian Science Ambassador Award are presented.

The role of the 2020 Science Month is even more special because of the many factors affecting the importance and role of science in the Slovenian, European and global society during the Covid-19 pandemic. Science already plays a key role in addressing and resolving the fundamental health, social, economic, and social challenges we face. It is therefore even more important to promote and highlight its achievements.

The start of 2021 will also be an important milestone at the EU level, because it marks the beginning of the new Horizon Europe framework programme and other instruments of the multi-year financial framework, which together provide a vital source of public finance investment in science. The second half of 2021, when Slovenia presides over the EU Council, will be a special challenge and an opportunity to enhance Slovenia’s role and knowledge in the EU. The events within the scope of the Science Month therefore mirror the current priorities and the coming challenges in science in 2021.