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Prime Minister Janez Janša: Today’s European Council meeting will be very challenging

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

Today, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša is attending a regular European Council meeting in Brussels. EU leaders will discuss the epidemiological situation, relations with the United Kingdom, climate change and relations with Africa.

In his statement to the press after his arrival in Brussels, Prime Minister Janša said that “today’s European Council meeting will be very challenging.”  “There are many complex issues on the agenda. We expect a good briefing on the situation regarding the Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom and, given that time is running out, all the necessary decisions to ensure that the European Union continues to act uniformly as regards equal protection of the interests of all its members,” added the Prime Minister.

He believes that the discussion on climate change and more ambitious goals will be interesting as well; the price of achieving these goals should, namely, be carefully considered: if it is too high, this will eventually be reflected in a poorer attitude to the environment. “These are very important decisions that will significantly affect the future quality of life of all Europeans,” stressed Prime Minister Janša.

“Although this issue is not directly on the agenda, our consistent reaction to what is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean will be very important as well," said Prime Minister Janša, who continued: “After the European Council, at its last meeting, adopted a so-called double approach to Turkey's provocations against the members of the European Union, namely Greece and Cyprus, I think it must now send a very clear message that this double approach, which includes many incentives, applies if we all follow the rules.”

“Given the provocations that have taken place, I think that the European Union’s reaction should be uniform and that the EU should use all its power to defend the interests of Greece and Cyprus, because these are also the interests of the European Union,” concluded Slovenia’s Prime Minister in a press statement.

Before today's European Council meeting, Prime Minister Janša also met with European Council President Charles Michel to discuss the main topics to be addressed by European leaders today and tomorrow, as well as the priorities of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency next year.