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Week of the child

We are marking Week of the child between 5 and 11 October.

Children in Slovenia

Children in Slovenia | Author UKOM

This year, its thread is linked to the helpline for children and adolescents, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the theme of this year’s Week of the child is TOM helpline’s slogan: The answer is conversation.

TOM helpline operates within the framework of the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (ZPMS). It was established in 1990 at the initiative of the Commission for Children’s Rights within the auspices of the ZPMS. Five years later, the TOM National Network was founded, which now involves some 200 trained counsellors and provides a single toll-free helpline for children and adolescents throughout Slovenia who encounter various issues, dilemmas or distress. The most frequent topics discussed on TOM helpline are peers, family and love.

Many changes happened in 2020. Tackling the COVID-19 epidemic has become part of our lives. Observing measures to contain the spread of the virus, care for our health, social distancing, etc. All of these have become part of our everyday experience and it is especially important to communicate with someone when encountering challenges. Communication is particularly crucial for adolescents, who are at a very intense and sensitive stage of growing up.

For this year’s Week of the child, the ZPMS highlights: The answer is conversation. During Week of the child, associations and societies of friends of youth organise various leisure and entertainment activities for children in all the large Slovenian cities, and the occasion is also marked in kindergartens and schools.