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Prime Minister Janez Janša: The European Union proved that it stands behind its Member States

On the first day of the summit in Brussels, EU Member State leaders reached an agreement on defining relations with Turkey and sanctions against the Belarus regime. At the press conference, the president of the European Council Charles Michel announced that the leaders agreed on a “double strategy,” “a two-tier approach” which opens a possibility for dialogue, but at the same time firmly protects European values and solidarity.

Arriving today for the second day of the European Council summit, Prime Minister Janez Janša underlined that the European Council yesterday adopted very important decisions with regard to the protection of European interests in the Eastern Mediterannean and it strongly supported the democratic aspirations of Belarus people in a very complex and difficult situation.

 “By making these decisions, the European Union proved it stands behind its Member States and, concerning the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, yesterday’s discussions were crucial for adopting good conclusions; although at the same time, we know what steps will be taken in the future by our side if some conditions are not met,” said the Prime Minister Janez Janša.

He continued that it is also known “which steps in the positive direction, including the situation with Turkey, will be taken if the negotiations start, if international law is respected and if we agree that in the event of a stalemate in negotiations, the dispute should be referred to the International Court of Justice in the Hague.”