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Minister Boštjan Koritnik opened a panel on cyber security within the 15th Bled Strategic Forum

At the 15th Bled Strategic Forum, attention was also paid to the burning issues of cyber security, namely within the panel "Is the Future of Cyberspace Only as a Domain of Conflict?", which was opened by the Minister of Public Administration Boštjan Koritnik.
 minister in front of the podium

Minister of Public Administration Boštjan Koritnik. | Author The Ministry of Pubic Administration

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the daily lives and economies of the EU Member States, posing an unprecedented challenge for the whole world. “But at the same time, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the world. Digitalisation and, consequently, cyber security have proved to be extremely important during this time, as many citizens, including many civil servants, have started to use flexible forms of work, such as teleworking. We have a demanding job ahead of us to bring our societies and economies back to full functionality. This can be achieved, among other, by promoting digital transformation”, the Minister emphasized.

According to the Minister, special attention should be paid to the digitalisation of public services and maintenance of a sustainable European digital ecosystem, especially in the field of critical infrastructure, which also includes 5G.

Slovenia, together with the EU, remains committed to a global, open, stable and secure cyberspace. Working on Europe's digital future requires investing in research, improving skills to increase competitiveness and providing the means to achieve these goals. “I support the European Commission's proposal to set up a joint cyber security unit, as I firmly believe that the EU needs to further strengthen its framework for managing and responding to large-scale cyber-attacks”, said Minister Koritnik, adding that he is expected to meet with the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, who also covers cyber security, Thierry Breton at the end of September. Whether the meeting will take place in Brussels or via video conference will depend on the epidemiological situation in both countries.