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A staff member of the Prime Minister’s Office infected with coronavirus

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

One of the staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office was tested for COVID-19 yesterday as he was not feeling well. Since the test was positive, a testing for all employees who had been in contact with the staff member concerned was organised in accordance with the guidelines and epidemiological recommendations of the NIJZ (National Institute of Public Health).

The results of all the tests were negative. Regarding possible additional measures, we have been in contact with the competent epidemiologist who recommended that a follow-up test be carried out the next week. The co-worker who shares the office with the infected employee will stay in quarantine until the follow-up test despite feeling well and a negative test.

In the Prime Minister’s Office, we have been consistently implementing the NIJZ recommendations on the prevention of possible coronavirus infections, so no further action needs to be taken. All employees are called upon to act in a self-protective and responsible manner.

The Prime Minister has been tested  for COVID-19 several times for preventive reasons. This time he did not take the test because he had not been in contact with the infected colleague.