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OECD Review of Digital Public Administration in Slovenia - webinar on key findings and plans

In cooperation with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD, a special webinar was held today, at which the key findings of the OECD review of digital public administration were presented - Digital Government Review of Slovenia: Leading the digitalization of the public sector - Key findings. The findings from the document were presented to the stakeholders who participated in its creation.
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OECD Review of Digital Public Administration in Slovenia - webinar on key findings and plans | Author The Ministry of Pubic Administration

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The webinar participants were addressed by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration, mag. Peter Geršak, who expressed his satisfaction that we managed to reach an agreement with the OECD for the preparation of this digital review. According to him, this is extremely important, as we have limited resources and the expectations of our users are high, so the digitalization of processes, tools and communication channels can be of great help in development. The world's best practices are also valuable, as all developed countries face similar challenges. “The OECD is therefore a very valuable partner, as it knows the global situation and top experts with rich experience; his guidelines and recommendations are an excellent basis for formulating relevant national strategies and action plans”, Geršak pointed out, adding that “such cooperation is valuable for us from several sides: on the one hand we get an independent and objective overview of our situation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and valuable advice; on the other hand, it is an opportunity for all stakeholders in our digital ecosystem to unify understanding, build consensus, deepen knowledge of global trends and good practices” added Geršak and thanked for the in-depth analysis with the desire to be able to invest and direct their limited resources as efficiently as possible, in a way that maximizes the ultimate impact for the public good.

OECD Representative Barbara Ubaldi, Head of the OECD Digital Management Unit, presented the key findings, which are explained in detail in the document. The findings provide valuable support for digital transformation and improving the efficiency of digital public services for citizens and businesses. The document will help in the formulation of future strategic documents in the field of digitalization, which will help to unify the direction of development, plans and activities and clearly defined goals in the further process of digitalization. In accordance with established good practice and OECD recommendations, all relevant stakeholders that make up the digital public administration ecosystem will be invited to participate in the development of such documents and action plans.

Miha Krišelj, acting director of the Ministry of Public Administration, also took part in the webinar. Director General of the Directorate for Information Society and Informatics, who presented a national view of the OECD review of digital public administration, concrete organizational and technical circumstances affecting the digital transformation process.

In addition to representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration and the OECD, the webinar was also attended by external stakeholders involved in the digital transformation process, representatives of companies, non-governmental organizations and research institutions. OECD representatives also answered questions and mentioned some global examples of good practice that could be studied and considered for further development.

The process of preparing a review of digital administration in Slovenia will continue. Two more thematic workshops are planned for autumn and winter 2020: one on the topic of skills and talents and the other on the topic of services and data (service design and data management), where all relevant stakeholders will be actively involved.