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Now is the time for Slovenian parks

In Slovenia, about 13 % of its entire territory is currently protected (one national park, three regional parks, 46 landscape parks, 56 natural reserves and about 1200 natural monuments), and 37 % is protected by Natura 2000 which ranks Slovenia among the EU Member States with the best preserved nature.

The status of valuable natural feature was obtained by 6000 such features (waterfalls, natural bridges, spectacular trees, rivers, lakes, gorges, springs, etc.), and by about 12,000 underground caves. In addition, there are also two geoparks, several botanical gardens and 144 monuments of designed landscapes in Slovenia. 

Credit for the creation of Triglav National Park goes to first Slovenian woman to hold an academic title in the field of the natural sciences Angela Piskernik. She was a botanist, an internationally recognised nature conservationist, a museum professional, lecturer and advocate for women’s and ethnic rights. 

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