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OECD Review of Digital Public Administration in Slovenia - Key Findings

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) focused on four main aspects in compiling a comprehensive review of digital administration in Slovenia: coordination and management, digital skills, development and provision of services, and data management. In its key findings, the OECD emphasizes that Slovenia is making good progress in the development of a digital public administration, but it needs to improve coordination, vision and analytical approach, and needs stronger leverage to guide digital transformation. For agility and quick adaptation, the comparative advantage of Slovenia is its small size and general enthusiasm for digitalization.

In the case of electronic services, the OECD highlights as good practice the and e-Government portals, whose role and importance need to be further strengthened and the experience for end users needs to be improved and standardized. Slovenia needs to continue to develop mobile electronic identities and strengthen cooperation in the field of electronic services between the government and municipalities. It has a good technical foundation in data management, but it needs to strengthen strategic and tactical aspects and offer citizens and businesses the opportunity to gain insight into the use of their data.

OECD representatives began the review in October 2019. During the study visit, they held over 40 meetings with various stakeholders from both the public administration and the private sector, educational institutions and NGOs. In addition to the findings obtained at the meetings, OECD experts used the results of completed in-depth questionnaires as a basis for the preparation of the report with key findings (Digital Government Review of Slovenia: Leading the digitalisation of the public sector – Key findings) and used information, data and comparisons from other sources.

The key findings of the document will be presented in more detail, with in-depth analyses presented in the OECD Final Report in Spring 2021. On 10 July 2020, a special webinar will be organized in cooperation with the OECD to present the findings to stakeholders.

In the meantime, however, these key findings provide valuable support for digital transformation and improving the efficiency of digital public services for citizens and businesses. The document will help in the formulation of future strategic documents in the field of digitalization, which will help to unify the direction of development, plans and activities and clearly defined goals in the further process of digitalization. In accordance with established good practice and OECD recommendations, all relevant stakeholders that make up the digital public administration ecosystem will be invited to participate in the development of such documents and action plans.

The process of preparing a review of digital administration in Slovenia will continue. Two more thematic workshops are planned for autumn and winter 2020: one on the topic of skills and talents and the other on the topic of services and data (service design and data management), where all relevant stakeholders will be actively involved.