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Minister Logar receives representatives of the Slovenian national community in Italy

Prior to a meeting with Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Maio scheduled for 6 June in Ljubljana, Foreign Minister Dr Anže Logar met with the representatives of the Slovenian national community in Italy. The Minister Responsible for Slovenians Abroad, Helena Jaklitsch, also participated in the meeting.

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The talks with Minister Logar were attended by Chair of the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association Ksenija Dobrila, President of the Council of Slovenian Organisations Walter Bandelj, Secretary of the Slovenian Community Party and Regional Councillor Igor Gabrovec, Regional Councillor of the Lega party Danilo Slokar, and Regional Coordinator for the Slovenian component of the Democratic Party Maja Tenze.

Slovenian national community representatives outlined the current state of implementation of minority rights arising from international legal instruments and Italian internal legislation. They pointed to the need to establish an effective mechanism for minority representation in both chambers of the Italian parliament and to deliver on the commitment for the restitution of the National Hall in Trieste. The importance of gradually lifting restrictions imposed to fight the pandemic was another item on the agenda.

Minister Logar reaffirmed that Slovenia would continue to support solutions reflecting legitimate expectations of the Slovenian national community regarding the implementation of its rights, stressing that these issues are part of the regular and constructive political dialogue with the Italian side.