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On World Bee Day on the importance of pollinators for the ecosystem

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On World Bee Day, members of the Green Group issued a joint statement attesting to their commitment to protect bees and their natural environment. The Green Group – Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, Iceland, Singapore, Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates – is an informal association of small countries that, on Slovenia’s initiative, have been promoting issues related to the environment and sustainable development in foreign policy since 2009.

The statement underlines the importance of pollinators for food security, agriculture, preservation of biodiversity and positive effects on the ecosystem as well as good practices in beekeeping and protection of the national environment. Slovenia prides itself on a long tradition of beekeeping, the establishment of the Beekeeping Academy and numerous promotional projects, including traditional Slovenian breakfast.

Global challenges, such as biodiversity loss, climate change and pandemics, force us to rethink our attitude to nature. The Covid-19 crisis has revealed the urgent need for a transition from non-sustainable food production models to sustainable practices and environment-friendly food systems.

World Bee Day was designated by the UN in 2017 on Slovenia’s initiative.