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Like many other countries around the globe, Slovenia has been fighting to contain the growth of new coronavirus cases. The government's measures have been effective and our country has been one of the most successful in its fight against the epidemic.

The latest edition of Sinfo

The latest edition of Sinfo | Author Jošt Gantar, STO

Slovenians have always been a nation of beekeepers. In addition to our love for bees, we have always respected nature. And these two topics are the starting points for most of the articles in this edition of Sinfo.

Treating nature with respect is something that can be practiced anywhere, and it starts at home. When you put on your slippers or open your wardrobe. But most certainly, when you are out in nature. And one hundred years ago this year our ancestors wrote down in the Memorandum the rules and recommendations for nature conservation in Slovenia, laying the foundations for what has followed in this area.

Slovenians celebrate Statehood Day on the 25th of June to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. With this issue we are thus presenting some of the symbols of Slovenia. They all express our love for our country and respect for all other nations.

In recent times we have faced various crises. It is only right in such critical moments to maintain respect for our fellow human beings, find new ways of realising our potential and making those we are closest to happy. It’s a time to be curious, joyful and perhaps give ourselves and our loved ones the gift of a bee-friendly plant. Spring and new beginnings are in the air.