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The government continues to relax restrictions adopted due to the COVID-19 epidemic

On Wednesday, the government considerably eased the restrictions adopted during the epidemic. This will be followed by a 14-day observation period, and any further wider easing measures will reappear on the agenda in early June.

Major easing of coronavirus restrictions are planned for Monday

Major easing of coronavirus restrictions are planned for Monday | Author STO

As of Monday, educational institutions will accept preschool children and pupils of the first three grades of nine-year primary schools, as well as final-year students of upper secondary schools.  Driving schools and all shops will reopen – restrictions for certain groups on when they can shop will also be lifted. By way of an ordinance, however, the government kept unchanged the minimum opening hours of food shops, at least from 8:00 to 18:00 (except for shops that were open for less than ten hours already before 12 March).

Indoor service and the operation of kitchens in catering establishments will be possible, and accommodation facilities with up to 30 rooms and camping sites will reopen. The government also confirmed a further revival of sports activities. Sports competitions at the national level will also be possible in team sports from 23 May. As of Wednesday, disinfection of multi-dwelling buildings is no longer mandatory.