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Government supports uniform cyber security criteria

The Government aims to introduce uniform criteria for cyber security in state institutions as the existing ones are fragmented and not sufficiently specific. The rolling out of the fifth generation technology (5G) is, in the opinion of the Government, primarily an issue of national security.

The National Security Council discussed the cyber security risk assessment from the standpoint of 5G. Since the digital infrastructure of modern societies will be of concern not only to the security sector but also to civil society in general, the decision on the manner in which it will be set up will be a strategic one and not only a question of technology.

In the National Security Strategy, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia identified information and cyber threats as one of the key threats. 5G would have a direct impact both on critical infrastructure and on citizens and is hence considered by the Government to be above all an issue of national security.

At its session held at Brdo pri Kranju, the Government thus concluded that Slovenia needs a joint and comprehensive approach to cyber security. In the context of cyber protection, the key ministries will have to draft operational plans for potential crisis situations caused by cyber attacks.

The Government will include digitalisation among the strategic topics of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2021 and, more specifically, cyber security as a priority in the field of digitalisation.

The National Security Council was also briefed about problematic issues associated with the existing legislation on communicable diseases and the national protection and rescue plan in the event of an epidemic, establishing that they are currently less than adequate.

Based on the experienced gained in the first wave of the current pandemic, the Government will therefore prepare a suitable national plan for a potential second wave, which will include draft ordinances and clear definitions of the powers and tasks of individual ministries and their bodies. Together with amendments to the legislation, such a plan would make Slovenia more efficient in the fight against any rebound of the coronavirus epidemic.

The Government will call upon all ministries to submit proposals of what needs to be done to have a national plan ready by mid-June, when it will have to be adopted and, if necessary, implemented.