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On Earth Day, Slovenia reaffirms its commitment to international environmental standards and policies

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today, on 22 April, as we mark Earth Day for the 50th year, the world focuses on climate and environmental challenges.

Along with enhanced and effective international cooperation, dialogue at the global level is of the utmost importance in protecting our environment, which is one of the crucial tasks of this generation. On Earth Day 2020, Slovenia – as a responsible member of the international community and an engaged EU Member State – reaffirms its commitment to international environmental standards and policies.  

In curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, Slovenia cooperates assiduously with its EU partners, and has joined the joint initiative of 16 EU Member States for the greening of the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. In these efforts, the European Green Deal is one of the most important mechanisms for the recovery of the European economy.

When addressing the climate and environmental challenges, Slovenia stresses the importance of circular economy and preserving natural resources, being particularly committed to sustainable water management, as in the time of the current pandemic access to clean water is vital for all. In addition, Slovenia is actively involved in the field of new digital technologies to face our common challenges and has joined the initiative for digital action and the Earth Day Network launched by the UN and