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Slovenia among the world’s leading countries in artificial intelligence

Forbes magazine has recognised Slovenia as a true artificial intelligence powerhouse.

Artificial intelligence is already helping control the pandemic

Artificial intelligence is already helping control the pandemic | Author shulz-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto

Slovenia is leading the world in pioneering artificial intelligence, especially in developing solutions that help in decision-making in exceptional circumstances such as the present COVID-19 epidemic, writes Forbes.

The way to artificial intelligence was paved by numerous experts active at the Jožef Stefan Institute established in Ljubljana in 1949, including professor Ivan Bratko. The world renowned Jožef Stefan Institute and professor Ivan Bratko, the father of artificial intelligence in Slovenia, are the most important pillars of Slovenia’s establishment as a beacon of artificial intelligence.

Special recognition of Slovenia for its creativity in this field and its focus on the human-centric approach of the future digital society was shown by UNESCO: it momentously decided to augment the Jožef Stefan Institute by approving the establishment of the International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI).

Artificial intelligence is already helping control the pandemic, being of key importance in the COVID-19 pandemic modelling and visualisation platform known as CoronavirusWatch. The IRCAI collects important facts that will enable the timely adoption of effective measures.