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Reporting on Slovenia in the foreign press: reminiscing or planning a visit sometime in the future

In recent days, there was substantial reporting on Slovenia in the foreign press, inviting readers to daydream about the country in these unusual times and plan a visit sometime in the future or to rekindle pleasant memories of Slovenia.

Panorama of Ljubljana

Panorama of Ljubljana | Author GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto


Last week, the STB's bureau in Austria adapted its communication to the coronavirus crisis, inspiring Austrian tourism journalists to share their pleasant memories of Slovenia. Thus, quite a few online portals dug up their articles on Slovenia, adapted them to the new situation and published them on their website or sent them to their readers as part of a newsletter.

One such Slovenia enthusiast is journalist Claudius Rajchl, who did an excellent piece on Ljubljana a few years ago for as well as the Austrian daily Salzburger Nachrichten. As the topics he covers in these times of crisis are primarily of a culinary nature, as evident from the title of his section "Reisen im kochtopf" (Cooking Pot Travels), he has turned his previous pieces into interesting articles and recipes. In the next few days, the article will also be published in the specialist tourist magazine TIP.

The topic of sustainable and green tourism is very dear to Austrian journalist Christian Brandstätter, who published an article on Ljubljana in the weekly newsletter of the LEBENSART magazine, written during his visit to Ljubljana in 2016 when the city was named the European Green Capital. He updated the article and included the newest "Slovenia Green" video. The updated version of the newsletter article that will stir the imagination of Austrian sustainability enthusiasts is available here.

The website of the tourism magazine Reise Aktuell did a piece on Slovenia based on a letter from the STB's bureau in Austria addressed to the representatives of tourist agencies, tour operators and tourism journalists. They did a short report containing charming footage of Ljubljana.



Renowned German magazine Brigitte Woman published an excellent seven-page spread by journalist Astrid Joosten who visited Slovenia last September, together with photographer Nele Martensen. The STB's bureau in Germany and partners organised and supported the programme of this study visit.

The journalist gives a very vivid presentation of the Slovenian historic towns of Piran, Škofja Loka, Maribor and Ptuj, which impressed her, each in its own way. The beauty of Slovenia is sure not to leave any German reader cold, charming them, perhaps inspiring them to visit Slovenia at a later date when this is once again possible.



When it comes to Italy, there was much reporting in the online media, two stand-out pieces appearing on the popular website Mediaset – TgCom 24 that has more than 28 million monthly views. In an article about Slovenia as an active destination published a few day ago, Slovenia is portrayed as an excellent destination for exploring nature, relaxation and inner peace. The article mentions the Slovenian Karst, Istria and other gems that Slovenia's nature has to offer.


At the beginning of March, Mediaset – TgCom 24 did a piece on Ljubljana as being very close to Italy and an attractive city of culture, excellent gastronomy, vibrant life and architecture.


Global media

This week also saw notable reports about Slovenia in renowned global media. Lady Barbara Judge, who was featured on the BBC's list of 100 most influential women in the UK, paid her second visit to Slovenia this February. At the invitation of the Slovenian Tourist Board, she tasted the dishes of Tomaž Kavčič at Pri Lojzetu. She summed up her impressions and excitement in an article published in the acclaimed US magazine Forbes. You can read the entire article about Pri Lojzetu at Castle Zemono.

Forbes' second mention of Slovenia this week is a book by Ana Roš entitled Sun and Rain. The book is listed among the 10 Best Travel And Restaurant Cookbooks For Your Quarantine.

Another prominent article was published in the British newspaper The Guardian, inviting its readers to read about attractive destinations to daydream about during isolation and visit as soon as possible, specifically mentioning Goriška Brda (Lockdown escapes: where I’ll visit when this is over).