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Prime Minister Janez Janša: Timeline for anti-corona packages will be realised

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

Today, after the 10th session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Prime Minister Janez Janša said that the government took note of the reports from all five working groups that prepared proposals for the second anti-corona legislative package.

"An incredible amount of work has been done. We received thousands of proposals. After the first selection, we can establish that we will be able to prepare adjustments and modifications of the first anti-corona package in real time so that, effectively, none of the vulnerable groups will be left out from the measures mitigating the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic," emphasised the prime minister. He added that many good proposals in regards to ensuring the liquidity of the Slovenian economy, saving jobs and preserving all of the vital elements of the Slovenian social state were put forward. "Due to the extensiveness of the proposals, the government decided today that it will divide the proposals as concrete law-making projects into three parts.

The first part will include the modifications, amendments and adjustments to the first legislative package which will make this "financial cushion", which was adopted by the government as the first legislative package for the Slovenian people and economy to mitigate the consequences of the crisis, air-tight and ensure that the solutions can be achieved in real time," said the Prime Minister.

He also added that, based on the work of all of the working groups, it is clear that a special legislative package to ensure the liquidity of the Slovenian economy will have to be prepared. "The government will start preparing the legislative materials right after the Easter holidays when we will also receive the guideline proposal from the advisory group led by Matej Lahovnik," said the Prime Minister and continued that this group drafted some excellent proposals. "The government thanks everyone who joined forces to help Slovenia in these times of crisis without any compensation or awards," said Prime Minister Janez Janša.

He noted that the primary timeline that was adopted by the government could be realised. "Somewhere around 20 or 21 April, the government will be able to address both legislative packages," said Janez Janša.

"Today, we established that the Communicable Diseases Act, which is one of the key legal instruments to fight the coronavirus epidemic, is in need of major modifications and amendments, therefore, we tasked the Ministry of Health with preparing a new amending act until the next week so that some decades-old provisions can be amended based on the experience we have gained so far in our, thankfully, relatively successful fight against the epidemic," concluded Prime Minister Janez Janša.