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Prime Minister Janez Janša: We call on mayors to take an active role in the implementation of measures necessary to contain the spread of the coronavirus

Today, Prime Minister Janez Janša addressed the mayors of Slovenian municipalities, calling on them to become involved as quickly as possible in helping with the organisation of at-home childcare. In addition, he also informed the heads of healthcare and care institutions of this and asked them to provide the mayors with a list of urgent needs as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Janez Janša addressed the mayors of Slovenian municipalities

Prime Minister Janez Janša addressed the mayors of Slovenian municipalities | Author Demokracija

The full communication of Prime Minister Janez Janša can be found below.

Dear Mayors,

Slovenia is intensively preparing for the spread of the COVID-19 disease epidemic and, to this end, is reorganising public life. I am therefore urging you to assist the Government and Crisis Staff in implementing the emergency measures as follows:

  1. within the municipal administration or the municipal Civil Protection headquarters, immediately set up a municipal or town centre that will coordinate the needs of parents and the availability of healthy volunteers to provide at-home childcare for all those who, during the epidemic, are urgently needed to ensure the continued functioning of the country on all levels. First and foremost, help ensure childcare (at home!) for doctors and nurses, whose work in health institutions, homes for the elderly and centres for people with special needs is of vital importance, then for the indispensable workers in the energy industry and communications companies, employees in essential public utility services and supply services, and operatives of the Slovenian Police and the Slovenian Armed Forces. Ask all these institutions operating in your municipality to immediately send you a list of their most pressing needs (if they have not done so already) and, for the most urgent childcare cases, engage available nursery staff that will no longer carry out institutional childcare;
  2. review the plans and finalise the preparations that will allow the administration and other necessary services to remain operational under conditions in which most public institutions have been closed, there is no public passenger transport, and supply services and a range of other activities may be partially, or even significantly, disrupted. In doing so, please follow the necessary precautionary measures in this epidemic situation, increase the possibilities of working from home and working remotely, and, through the Civil Protection mechanism, provide the necessary quantities of protective equipment for all who are most at risk from infection in a timely manner. A list of responsible contact persons, who you may contact if you need additional real-time information in the future, as well as their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses at the respective ministries will be sent to you within six hours. We are mending broken threads and establishing communication and coordination between all competent authorities at the national and European level, and we expect that the system will, at least in Slovenia, start operating fully and smoothly as soon as possible. I would like to sincerely thank all of you who have shown the necessary initiative over the past days and I urge you to continue acting in a timely, reasonable and effective manner.