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MFA welcomes US-Afghanistan and US-Taliban peace agreements

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the agreements signed between the United States and Afghanistan and between the United States and the Taliban today on launching dialogue between the parties to the conflict in Afghanistan to achieve a lasting peace. A firm agreement leading to a lasting peace and stability for the people of Afghanistan may only be reached through the full engagement of both sides in an inclusive dialogue aimed at finding a compromise solution.

Such a deal paves the way for reconstruction, development, major foreign investments and faster progress of the Afghan economy. The Ministry welcomes the progress achieved by the country so far, including its successful fight against terrorism and efforts to promote human rights, especially the rights and empowerment of women and young people, to which Slovenia has contributed financially and through development projects over the recent years. Further sustainable development will depend on respect for human rights, continued efforts to fight corruption, and the building and strengthening of institutions of the Afghan state.

Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces remain in Afghanistan. As before, the allies will decide on further steps together and in cooperation with the Afghan government.