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Slovenia welcomes the launch of the OECD AI Policy Observatory

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Today the OECD launched the AI Policy Observatory which will present an inclusive online platform for sharing and shaping AI policies. The OECD Observatory aims to help countries to enable and monitor the responsible development of trustworthy artificial intelligence systems for the benefit of the society.

The OECD Observatory builds on the momentum of the OECD’s Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence, the first intergovernmental standard on AI, adopted in May 2019 by the OECD countries. The OECD Observatory seeks broad participation from interested policy communities from the OECD, partner countries, international organisations and nongovernmental stakeholders.

Slovenia welcomes the launch of the OECD Observatory, especially as it will analyse the opportunities and challenges posed by AI developments in a coherent manner. Slovenia emphasises the need to search for synergies between the OECD activities and the activities of the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN.

The Slovenian representatives - State Secretary, Gregor Strojin, in his capacity as the chair of the CAHAI at the Council of Europe, representatives of the Institute Jožef Stefan and of the Ministry for Public Administration - are actively participating at the launching event of the OECD Observatory. State Secretary Strojin presented the CAHAI activities and relevant AI instruments of the Council of Europe to the OECD Expert Group on AI. 

Slovenian scientists at the Institute Jožef Stefan (IJS AILab) have been actively participating in the preparations for the launch of the OECD Observatory through visualisation, backed with the analytical software solutions. This enables, for example, to analyse the artificial intelligence through gathering live data. Our scientists will also be involved in future developments of the OECD Observatory, focusing on data and analysis of enterprises and development of the labour market force and the necessary skills.

More information about the work of the Institute Jožef Stefan (IJS AILab):

More information about the OECD work on AI and about the OECD AI Policy Observatory: