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Slovenia shows solidarity with the People’s Republic of China in efforts against coronavirus by sending facemasks and donating to WHO

Slovenia joins the efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus by sending assistance in kind (1.2 million facemasks) to the People’s Republic of China, thus being among the first countries to respond through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism by providing the most generous donation per capita. In addition, Slovenia will also allocate a EUR 60,000 donation to the World Health Organisation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Slovenian companies to provide donations as part of Slovenia’s official development assistance. The Slovenian subsidy of Kylin Prime Group (KPG) responded by donating 1,231,400 face masks. The Slovenian Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief will take over the facemasks and organise transport from Ljubljana to Vienna, where a flight to Wuhan is scheduled for Friday, 14 February, within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Slovenia will share the costs of the flight with other countries participating in the delivery, by covering 1/4 of the fee.

Several other companies and municipalities responded to the call for solidarity. They have already sent assistance in kind on their own, especially to twin towns and provinces or to areas where they have business partners.

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