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Foreign Ministry’s statements on the Middle East peace process

Slovenia remains committed to the activities aimed at achieving comprehensive, just and long-lasting peace in the Middle East, including the establishment of the State of Palestine and bearing in mind Israel’s security concerns.

Slovenia reiterates the need for direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine on equal footing, and welcomes any initiative that would enable the continuation of the peace process, taking into consideration the internationally agreed frameworks and Security Council Resolutions, and abiding by international law. Slovenia will continue to encourage meaningful dialogue focused on achieving a two-state solution, which is the only realistic option for long-term stability and peace and for meeting the legitimate expectations of both Palestine and Israel.

Together with its EU partners, Slovenia will carefully examine the presented US peace plan, and calls on all sides involved to exercise restraint in the field, to avoid one-sided actions or forced solutions and to establish a constructive political framework. Lasting peace and stability can only be the result of a direct agreement between Israel and Palestine.